When Love is Easy

When you grow up in sticky situations, chances are that you will see relationships differently and you will think that they are not real unless they are messy.  Conflict can be the main focus of all the shows you watch, the stories you read and even what happens inside of your home.  Maybe your home was a center for arguing and fighting and it just feels normal.

Maybe you saw your mom and dad fight for each other, over each other and with each other and this can cause you to believe that love is messy and hard.

The truth is that love is so much more than that.  Love should not be complicated, and it should not be a place of pain and hurt, it should not even be close to the top of your list in problems.

When you look at people, you think that fighting means that they are sacrificing who they are to show their love that they love them.  No matter how hard someone is to be loved, it is not right for you to love them in a hard way.

Love that is right is something that feels easy and something that feels like love, music and conversation.  Time will fly by when you are with this person and you love to agree even more than to disagree.  You are there to love each other when times are hard and when they are feeling down, you are there to build them up and to love them.


Real love is not based around conflict, but it is something of harmony and goodness.  Love like this is something that has challenges but there is another way to love each other and that is by being a team.

All relationships have some conflict but if you have someone that makes conflict a necessity, then they are not the person for you.  The person that will work through the conflict to have peace and to bring joy is the one that will be perfect for you, not the one always fighting.


There is nothing nice or pretty about being in a constant fight with someone.  Falling apart and making up gets old and it comes to a point where you realize that you are wasting your time and energy for this situation to work out.  In real life, this is unhealthy.

If you have a relationship that is about conflict, you should consider moving on.  It shouldn’t be messy or hard and it should be easy.  This love should be kind and effortless and should be easier most of the time and only hard and complicated sometimes.

Love is not a game of chance and love should feel and be easy.  Find a love for you that is easy and is not hard or complicated.

Take time to look at your romance and see if they are the person that is meant to be with you.  Being with them should be your world and you should want to have peace and happiness with them.  If you find that you just want to fight and to make things hard then this relationship is not good for you or your partner and you need to find a new person or a new way to love.


Love should not be complicated, and it should be fun and carefree.  Love should be full of thoughtfulness, laughter and care.  Love should be kind and caring and compassionate.  If you don’t have that kind of love, keep searching.

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