Making a Guy Want You

Do you want a guy that you like to fall madly in love with you?  There are ways to make a guy obsessed with you. If you want to make a guy want you and to stay classy about it, you have to realize that sometimes it will work and sometimes it won’t.

Sometimes you will find that you put a lot of effort into making someone like you and then you find out that they just end up ignoring you.

There are so many things that distract people today that it is hard to get anyone to pay attention to you. Men are sometimes easy to please but when you want to attract them and have them to fall head over heels for you, you have to realize that men are not always drawn to you just because of your physical looks.

Guys want to be with someone that will make the relationship exciting.

Making Them Like You

There are some ways that you can get the attention of a guy that you want and if he wants you already, he will want you more after this:

Be You

Stop trying to be someone else or to be someone you aren’t. When you act like you are someone else, he will be turned off. You will not impress someone by being someone else. They want to know who you are and to know what is inside of you.

The best things that you can do is to be who you are. This means that you show them when you are good and when things are not so good. You don’t have to share the ugly things immediately but learn to be happy with who you are, and this is attractive.

Be Confident

Learn to be confident with who you are. Confidence is a total turn on. When you show a guy that you are confident and secure, they will want you. Insecurities are a major turn off.

Loving and Kind to You

Do not put yourself down or talk negatively about who you are. Learn to respect yourself and love who you are and what you have done in your life. Pay attention to who you are and embrace yourself. Doing this is a no-lose situation.

Beliefs and Values

A man wants to be with someone that knows what they want. If you want to make someone like you, tell them what you want in life and what you believe in.

When you choose not to do this, you are refusing to communicate with them and that will never work out. Tell them things that you want them to know and do not be afraid of who you are.

Be Kind and Giving

Be nice and show your generous side when you want to win someone over. You need to make a good impression on them and pay attention with your manners and how you are acting.

If you mess up in something, apologize and admit it, we all make mistakes.

What You Want

You should tell people what you want but that doesn’t mean that you should push your way around and try to get everything you want.

Allow your confidence to be there enough that you can tell this guy your desires and this can make him go crazy thinking about you.

Notice Yourself

Take time to make sure that you look good because you want to attract this guy that you like. If you go out on a date with him, put some makeup on and dress nice. You don’t have to be a super model but look your best.

Worry about working out and eating right so that you can be healthy.

Make sure you smell nice and that you have a scent that will turn him on.


If you want a guy to think about you, you need to not be pushy and not try to put too much effort into making him notice you. Guys will notice you when you act like you don’t care if they do or not.

Lift him up and complement him but do not go overboard. Giving him a little boost will make him feel that you think he is important and that you notice him.

Be Open

One way that you will get a guy to fall for you is to be open with him. Let him know things about you and tell him things about you that you don’t always share with others.

No matter what has happened in your life, let him know what your ambitions are and your goals and see if you share any of the same ideas.


Some people believe that if you give your partner a pet name then they will fall for you even harder. Saying a person’s name can be a turn on and it can make him feel wildly attracted to you.

Say their name so that they can feel that you want to satisfy them.


Another thing that can turn a guy on fast is if you reach into his pocket to get something out like the keys. If you have rode with him, gently reach your hands deep in his pocket and get the keys out. This can be a real turn on.

Doing this will stimulate his nerves and allows him to feel physically connected to you. It is the little things that matter. Also, you can accidently touch him or brush your hands on his arm.

Being in the Know

This guy you are seeing doesn’t want to know everything about your life or be part of your drama. Maybe you are having a conversation about stuff going on at work, that is fine, but when things begin to get too deep, guys often feel overloaded and they become bored.

Use small talk and share the bigger stuff in small amounts.


This idea will depend on how long you have been dating this guy but if you have been dating a while, bring back the idea of how you first met and do not ever let that be forgotten.

Be A Mystery

Men like to have mystery in their lives. If you are mysterious, chances are that he will be drawn to you. Do not always give him all the details of things and let him be left to wonder.


Allow yourself to date other guys. When this guy sees you happy with other guys, it will make him more interested in you. Show how you feel when you see another guy and allow him to see you checking other people out, if you are not in a relationship, of course.

If the guy you like sees this, he will not want to give up on you and will seek after you harder.


Men like to be teased and if you are going out and trying to satisfy them completely, you are not letting them wonder what it would be like to win you over.

You need him to desire you and you can do this by teasing him and then giving him the option to make the next move.


When you want to have a man like you, there are different things that you can do to make him feel crazy for you.

Show him that you are strong and confident and that you can be independent, and this can make him crazy over you!

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