Dating an Apathetic Person

What are the Risks of Dating an Apathetic Person?

People are always different. Some people are very open about their emotions and their life, while other people are more closed off.

Some people want to go with the flow of things while others just want to say whatever they are feeling. When you ask someone that is closed off things such as what they want to do or where they want to eat, they often say that they don’t care. This statement is true. These are people that appreciate the effort that you put into them; they just really don’t have feelings about the situation.


One thing that an apathetic person doesn’t do is show their emotions. They avoid having to say what they are feeling, and they try to keep them to themselves. This doesn’t mean that they don’t respect their emotions or identify them, they just don’t share them.

Having Emotions

Even though they don’t show their emotions, it doesn’t mean they don’t have them. They feel that their emotions are their own and even if they get their feelings hurt, they just choose to stay closed off about it.

Resting Face

Apathetic people just have a face like this. It’s just how they look.

Feeling Things

Just because they don’t share what they are feeling doesn’t mean that they don’t feel things. They have great day sand they get their hearts hurt. They just show their emotions in private.


This kind of person will deal with their emotions inside. They will not cry out loud or argue. They just want to deal with their emotions on their own.


When this person feels things, they figure out where the emotions are coming from and they deal with them.


An apathetic person is very honest, and they don’t lie or listen to lies. They aren’t afraid to tell you what is going on.

Hating Small Talk

This person hates to have to use small talk to have a conversation. If the conversation is not worth having, it is boring and a waste of time to them.


The apathetic person hates drama. They don’t want to be involved in it and they don’t want to deal with it.


This person is passionate about their life. They may not show emotions, but it doesn’t mean that they aren’t passionate about what they love.


An apathetic person is not open about things in their life or their past. They keep their memories to themselves and they do not like to have to open up.


This kind of person does not like to commit to others. They like to stay connected to people, but they feel that emotions make things messy and hard.


Even if this person is distant, they will try to be confident and try to give you their time. They will have only a few friends and the friends that they have will be close to them. They aren’t hard hearted; they are just quiet and calm.

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