Dating a New Dater

Meeting someone new can be hard but if you decide to be in a relationship with someone that has never been in a relationship before, this might even be harder. You might decide that this is a red flag, or you just might find it a little strange. The question is “why have they never dated before?” Dating a new dater might have some issues that you haven’t looked at.

There can be many reasons that someone hasn’t decided to be in a serious relationship. If you have met someone that you think might be your one, you need to find out why they have never gotten serious.

Why Have They Not Gotten Serious?

These could be some of the bigger reasons that the person that you are interested in has never dated before:

  • Having Low Self-Worth

People that have low self-worth or love self-esteem might not be as confident to date as other people. It can take a lot of confidence to ask someone out and maybe they haven’t been able to build this confidence until now. Take things slowly with them and make sure that you tell them what you are feeling.

  • Friendships

There are some people that choose not to date because they become friends with the person that they like before they ever ask them out. Sometimes this can be scary because they don’t want to risk ruining a friendship. Hanging out with friends sometimes makes you forget that you should be trying to find someone to date because you have fun with them.

  • Trouble with Communication

Someone who has never dated before might have communication problems. They might not understand what other people are saying or see the cues. This can be hard to be successful in any relationship.

It can be hard for things to move to another stage when they don’t know how to say what they are thinking or feeling.

  • Getting Back Unrequited Love

If someone that you are interested in has asked someone out before and they were rejected or they got back unrequited love, this could be a reason that they have never dated. It can cause them to lose their confidence and to not risk it again.

  • Hiding Their Sexuality

We live in a world where it can be damaging to talk about your sexuality, especially if it’s different than those around you. If someone is struggling with this then they might not feel that they are ready to commit to someone in a relationship.

  • Goals and Priorities

People that are not in the dating pool often have their own goals and priorities that they want to deal with before they ever get serious with someone. They might not want to be tied down to someone and they might want to just have fun or reach their goals first.

  • Career Path

Everyone just about has a busy life and being in a relationship can be time consuming and hard. Being in a committed relationship can get in the way of your career path and other things. Someone that wants to embrace their career might not decide to date right now because they know that they have a career that they want to embrace.

  • How They Were Raised

There are some people that have been raised to not date until they are ready to get married or with other ideas. Your love interest might have been raised in a way that causes them to not want to be serious with anyone. This could even be seeing a hard divorce from their parents.

  • Lack of Maturity

Some people grow up fast and others mature at a slower rate. Those that are refusing to be in a committed relationship are probably more self-centered and more involved with themselves than they want to be with someone else.

Someone that is not mature in their thoughts, actions or emotions might not have a successful track record when it comes to the dating world.

  • They Are Overly Emotional

Being overly emotional or someone that gets hurt easily might be someone that has put off dating. When you are sensitive and you fear that someone will hurt you, this can cause you to be standoffish.

  • Egotistical

The ego can play a big role in why someone dates or why they choose not to date. Before they choose to be in a real relationship, they need to figure out that they aren’t better than everyone else.

  • Too Young

Someone might not want to get into a serious relationship because they know that they’re too young at the time. They might be preparing their life for when they are older, and they might feel that they should wait before they get serious with someone.

  • High Expectations

It is important to have expectations when you are going to be in a committed relationship. Some people set expectations that are high or unrealistic and this might cause them to not be able to be in the relationship that they are longing for.

  • Should You Date a New Dater?

Sure! Give this a try. It can be hard for someone to date due to things in their life but if they find interest in you then these things can change.

  • Is it Strange to Have Never Dated?

This isn’t strange at all. Some people have different ideas and priorities in their life, and they might just be on a different page than other people.

  • Is Not Dating a Red Flag?

This is not a red flag unless the person has problems with things like anger or abuse and then this could be a red flag to not get involved.

  • Are Some People Going to Stay Single?

Yes. Some people feel that dating isn’t for them, and they decide to embrace the single life. This is perfectly fine and completely up to them!

Final Thoughts

Dating someone who is a new dater is fine. Let them know what you are looking for and give them the option to commit to you and the relationship. Don’t pressure them and if they are interested in you then they will pursue you.

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