Instinctively Know He's Lying

How to Instinctively Know He’s Lying

No one likes to be lied to. It is hard on women when they find out the man they had given their heart, body, and soul is lying. Some lies, such as lies about another relationship, are deal breakers. Others, like the fact they stopped to get a beer with the boys and weren’t stuck in traffic, are aggravating.

Women need to be able to instinctively know when their guy is lying. First, you don’t want to be taken off guard. Second, he may think twice if he knows he will never be able to pull a fast one on you. Over time, men can be trained and won’t test their significant other if they know they will be in trouble.

Understanding how to read your guy also helps you avoid a nasty confrontation. It does no good to ask him because he could lie then too. Also, understand the depth of his falsehoods will help you decide whether he is worth staying or whether you need to go.

Why Do You Suspect Lying?

There has to be a reason that started your inner gut churning. Is he treating you differently? Have things changed between the two of you? Is he keeping secrets? What circumstances lead you to believe he is lying?

If an honest look at your thoughts and emotions tells you there is nothing that seems to have changes or amiss, then you need to take a step back and look at why you feel the way you do. Maybe there is insecurity there you need to deal with or maybe this related to a past relationship issue. Sometimes, it could make you relive past regrets if some of the circumstances are the same in this relationship as in a past one.

Those who really have serious gut feelings should read on to look at the five ways to tell if he’s lying.

Things Don’t Make Sense

There could be a misunderstanding. However, he could be lying if you see that you are trying to explain his behavior to a friend or relative. Women who are constantly trying to make sense of something he said or did will soon realize their man is lying. Be observant of small details. Liars change the small details because they can’t remember all they said before. He may say he is going to his friend John’s house, but later tell you he was on a different street where his friend doesn’t live. He could say he is going out for some milk but come back with bread. It is these small details that will give him away.

He Ghosts You

Guys who go dark without contacting you are usually hiding something. Sure, he may be working on a big project or have jury duty but most men will explain that to you. Men who just drop off the grid without notice are the ones to be wary of.

Sudden Changes in Behavior

Men who make sudden changes in their appearance, behavior, or how they relate to you are typically hiding something. These surprise moves cause women to become suspicious because there is seemingly no reason for the changes. Or is there?

Some things to watch out for include late work nights without an excuse, his phone ringing more than usual, him being more secretive with his phone and taking it to talk privately more, him not wanting you to see his phone, and making excuses to ditch out of plans you two have made.

One non-confrontational test is to tell him your phone died and ask to use his. A denial or hesitation indicates something is wrong. If he hovers nearby while you are using it and wants it back quickly, he is probably hiding something.

He Limits Your Conversations with His Circle

There is a saying that the secret to good management is to keep those people who know you away from those who don’t. A guy who doesn’t want you talking to his friends, family, or co-workers is afraid of what you will find out. That means those people are exactly the ones you should be talking to.

There was a wife who was suspicious of her husband since he claimed he was working late nights. Instead of calling his cell, she decided to call the hotel where he worked and asked for the kitchen. His buddy answered. When she asked for her husband, he made up some excuse that he was in the bathroom. She said she would gladly wait. The buddy tried to talk her into letting her husband call her back, which would have been on his cell. She politely said no, she would wait. She advised the friend to go tell him she was on the phone. He was so busted.

Your Gut Won’t Give It Up

Deep down, women have incredible instincts. We know what we know even if we don’t want to admit it. We want to give someone the benefit of a doubt and hate the idea of sounding suspicious or jealous. Even so, women need to listen to their gut more to have guidance on understanding the situation. That is especially true when it comes to liars in their lives.

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