Find Out if You are in a Karmic Marriage

Find Out if You are in a Karmic Marriage

Karmic marriages are marriages that seem to always be full of toxic behaviors that you can never really understand. This is a relationship that leaves you feeling unhappy and trapped in a situation that seems that it will never end or get any better.

Some people talk about karmic relationships that are both pull and push or give and take and that they will only last for a little while, but the truth is, a karmic marriage can last for years and years.

Some unions are twin flame unions but instead of having fire inside of the relationship, there are emotions that never seem to heal. In some relationships, the people are both just moving through life and no one is really happy or upset in the relationship, they just deal with the toxic patterns and move on.

Karmic relationships can last for a long time and they can cause co-dependency. They can be a union that is held by ties that are hard to break. Some people will sleep in the same homes and in the same bed, but they are like strangers. These marriages are very common.

What happens when you are in a karmic relationship and your partner realizes what is going on? This can cause there to be a lot of emotions that have been suppressed for a long time.

Determining if You are in a Karmic Relationship

Do you feel like you are going anywhere in life and that your relationship is never changing or growing? Do you feel that you have no passion for yourself or your partner and that you have a better vision for the future, and you are not reaching it?

If you said no to these things, here are some things you should know:

Staying or Going

Karmic relationships are not meant to punish you from your past life, it is there to get you to see things in a different perspective and in a different point of view. Ask yourself questions and find out what makes you happy. This relationship is there to open you up and to put you on the right path in life. Some couples will live in marriages like this until they die, and the truth is, that is their life and not yours.

If you feel awakened and you feel that your relationship is stagnant, you need to figure out what you are feeling. Maybe you feel sad or confused and you feel that you have settled all these years.

You may desire to leave our relationship, but you might learn to understand who you are along the way. Maybe you even can get the courage to talk to your partner and you both can get on a path to healing and find things that set a passion in the relationship.

There can be changes and adventures but if your partner refuses to change, then you might have to move on without them.

If you re with someone that is meant to be there with you forever, watch things change and move forward and you can see healing in your future. If they don’t want to change, you might be filled with sadness and fear over what will happen next.

Never feel guilty for leaving and moving forward. Allow them to heal and send them healing emotions of love and keep going forward. Keep looking for your light and find what you want in life.

Sometimes you will not be able to be with someone that you love but if it makes you a better person, move on and learn a lesson from it.


If leaving is your only choice, leave with this:

  • Leave with love.
  • Leave with passion.
  • Leave because it is a good choice for you.
  • Just leave.

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