Men Fall in Love

Men and women are different, and they often even seem like they aren’t even from the same planet or universe. Even when a man and a woman fall in love, they are completely different. Even though love gives them the same feelings, the way that they fall in love is different.

What happens when a guy falls in love? There are different stages that a man goes through when he falls in love and this is very different from a woman falling in love.


The first step is the appreciation step. This is when he sees her, and he is attracted to how she looks. He will pay attention to her and will see different qualities that she has that makes him feel good. He might like her legs, her hair or even the way that she talks.


The second stage, infatuation, is when he wants to get the girl to pay attention to him. Some guys will date the lady and will ask her out to dinner. Some will find other ways to get her to notice him like do the same hobbies that she does.

A guy will go after a woman but if she rejects him, he will not try again and he will find someone new to try to date. Some men enjoy chasing after a woman but when this gets old, he will find someone new to chase.


In the attraction stage, if the girl likes him back, he will not have to worry about being rejected (like in the infatuation stage) but this will be a time where she likes him back and he will work to get to know her better.

Impressing Her

In this stage, he will want to impress the girl. He will do whatever he can to get her to give him attention such as telling jokes, buying gifts, or even playing games to try to win her heart.


This is the stage where things get more serious, and he realizes he likes her more than just being a friend. He will take her out, buy her sweet gifts and he will keep building his feelings on her.

He will start to wonder if she will be interested in anything more than what they already have.


This is the stage where the girl will fall in love with him. Once she is falling in love, he will decide if he wants to be in a real relationship with her. He will leave for a while to find out if he really loves her.

This is a time where he will act selfish, and some women will feel that they are heartbroken because of his actions because he will not communicate what he is really doing. Men will do this so that they can be in charge of the situation and so that they can figure out if they want to move forward and be in a real relationship.


If he doesn’t call her at this stage and he decides to call it off with her, this means he is not really in love with her. If he calls her back and decides to stay with her, he is ready to fall in love with her. He is ready to show that he is committed and faithful to their relationship.

Being committed will not scare him away when he gets to this stage because he will believe that she is the perfect girl for him.

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