Not Being Able to Love Someone

Signs of Not Being Able to Love Someone

Sometimes there are people that are not able to love another person. This happens more than people even imagine it to happen. This can happen because sometimes a person doesn’t even love themselves and so loving other people is hard for them.  Another reason that this happens is that the person might not have ever learned to love someone else.

Signs Someone Cannot Love Another Person

The biggest sign that someone is not able to love someone else is that they blame the problems that they have on everyone else. They do not know that they are part of the problem and so they always make sure that someone else can take the blame.

The only thing that they are able to focus on is why the relationship is not making them happy, but they never know that they might be at fault.

Not Responsible for Mistakes

People that are not able to love others have a hard time seeing that they have a problem in the relationship. Instead of being able to work things out, they only see that their partner is the problem, and they are not able to see things from different perspectives.

If someone is unable to love who they are, they cannot see how to love other people and sometimes they don’t even try to fix this.

Making Excuses

A person that is not able to love other people will often make up something about other people instead of being aware of the faults that they have. They make excuses for everything that they do wrong such as getting drunk or because someone made them angry.

Is it possible that you are getting so drunk or so mad that you don’t see that your behavior is wrong? Justifying your behavior is a common sign that you are not able to love other people.

Giving Up

People like this often just give up on the relationship, especially if it doesn’t benefit them anymore. They don’t care about their partners feelings and they just don’t really care about the relationship itself.

When someone gives up and doesn’t care, they lose their interest, and the relationship will come to an end.

Not Showing Interest

Because a person is not able to love others, they are often not interested in what the relationship looks like or where it is going. They just say whatever they want, and they don’t try to make things work out.


If you are unable to love, you are not going to have open communication. You will probably be close minded, and you will do things to hurt your partner without caring about it. This is frustrating and will cause the relationship to struggle.

Withdrawing Emotionally

These people will move away from the relationship and they won’t even realize what they are doing., They will choose to not work out problems in the relationship and they will just choose to move away from you.

Not Happy

People that are unable to love are unhappy people. They have been unhappy from the beginning of their life because they were never able to figure out who they are.

Care About Themselves

The person will only think about their feelings and they will never compromise or be able to put other people first. Everything is always about them and them only.

Close Minded

These people are close minded and they only care about themselves. Even more, some of them do not even love themselves.

This relationship is not going to be successful, and you should get out of this relationship as fast as you can.

Save yourself from heartache and find someone that is able to love themselves and to love you.

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