Getting Over Someone That You Have to See Each Day

Getting Over Someone That You Have to See Each Day

Dating someone that you work with can be a fun thing but what happens when you break up with them? How do you get over someone that you have to see every day at work?

When you were young, your friends in school probably tried to talk you out of dating people in your own class and when you told your friends that you were going to date a guy from the place that you work, they probably told you what a bad idea that was.

Then, you realize how right they were. When you have to deal with getting over a broken heart, it can be hard, but when you have to see them every day, it can make it even harder.

Dating someone that you get a chance to hang out with everyday seems like a great idea until the breakup comes. When that happens, you have to see them every day, and you are forced to see them flirt and date other people.

Maybe you even have to watch them start a new relationship that gets better every day, and you have to face it with jealousy in your heart.

Love can be a hard thing and getting over heartbreak is even harder. But, learning to get over someone that you have to see each and everyday makes things even harder.

How to Get Over Someone You See Every Day

Being home or being with your friends is something that you can do to help you get over your ex. Most likely your friends will tell you how gross he was, or they will help you to get rid of your feelings for him.

Of course, this is someone that you more than likely don’t see every day. When you have to see that person every day, here are some ways you can get over them.


Always allow yourself to grieve. Do this at home in the privacy of your own home or if you are at work and you get upset, go out to your car.

Even though grieving is something you need to do, make sure that you are not allowing your ex or his friends or even his new partners to see you crying. Plus, crying at work can be very unprofessional and you don’t want your job related to this.

Think of the Worse that Can Happen

Imagine what might happen between you and your ex when you run into them in the hall at work. Here are sometimes you might see him and what could go wrong:

  • On the elevator.
  • Have a fight with him at work.
  • Have breakup sex with them while on the job.
  • Cry over them at work.
  • You try to hurt your ex.
  • Your ex-dates someone else at the same workplace.
  • Your ex doesn’t talk to you or speak to you at the workplace.

When you have to deal with these things, you need to think them over before they happen so that you can know how to react.

Stay Professional

You never want to be known as that person that is always having breakdowns at work. You don’t want the people at your work to talk down about you.

Make sure you stay professional while you are at work and let them see how mature you are.

Picking Sides

Never ask your friends or colleagues at work to pick sides between you or your ex. You both work at the same place and so you need to be careful how you act after your breakup.

Do not tell your coworkers not to talk to him and make sure that you avoid gossiping about him because this can come back on you.

Being Overly Nice

Make sure that you are being kind but that you aren’t being overly nice. People need to act like adults, and you need to make sure that you treat him like you would any other adult in the building.

Be nice to him but do not get too close or be too friendly. You don’t want him to get the idea that you are being fake or that you are not over him.

Find a Hobby

Everyone needs a hobby rather they are in a relationship or not. You need to make sure that you spend time trying to find something that you like to do so that you can have fun after work.

Since you will see your ex for the majority of your day, find a hobby that you look forward to after facing this all day. Know that even if the day is hard that you have something that you are going to do that is fun and worth your time.

Get Transferred

You can always go to your boss and ask if you can get transferred to another department or even find a completely different job somewhere else.

If you are going to a college and that is where your ex is, try to switch classes or try to find another course that you would rather have.

Learn from It

Most of the time when you go through a breakup you become angry and confused. Sometimes you have pain, and it can be even stronger than you expected since you see that person each and every day.

Learn your lesson and know that when you want to date someone, date them outside of your workplace.


Breakups are hard even when you are having a good life, but they can be even harder when you work with that person and have to see them every day.

Learn to take small steps and you will see that you can move forward from this even stronger.

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