Do you ever wonder if someone is trying to manifest you? You can sense this and when you meet someone and you realize it, you will have a feeling that is like destiny.

There are many reasons that someone might want to manifest you such as wanting to love you, wanting you as a friend or setting intentions to be close to you. Being manifested by someone should make you feel important, and it can be a good feeling to have someone want to be around you and to connect with your energies.

Once you recognize that there is a connection, you might think that it can’t be real, but the truth is, you can be manifested, listen to your intuition. There are signs that someone is manifesting you and these signs are very powerful:

  • Feeling Connected

You might feel a connection to someone that you have never met. This is an energy that makes you feel comfortable with them. It is like you recognize their soul. It seems like they are someone that you have been friends with forever.

When you feel like you know someone that closely, they might be manifesting you. This makes them seem familiar and will help them to bond with you. This is energy that matches together perfectly.

  • You Knew You Would Meet Someone

When you feel like you are going to meet someone, chances are you will. You might get this feeling a few months ahead or even a day ahead. You won’t be able to explain it, but it is there. These are part of your psychic senses, and they are wild, but they can help you to know that someone is manifesting you. This could even be a soulmate.

When you get this feeling, chances are someone is manifesting you and they desire to meet you as much as you want to meet them. Listen to your intuition and find them.

  • Déjà vu

Sometimes you will have déjà vu when it comes to someone manifesting you. This will make you feel like you have seen this person before. You may have in a past life. You can feel this feeling when someone texts you to go on a date and some people will dismiss this feeling because they think that déjà vu is fake, but other people will listen to it.

No matter what, this can be a huge energy rush, and this will be a moment you never forget.

  • You Can’t Stop Thinking About Them

They are someone that you can’t stop thinking about. You feel attracted to them even if you just have met them. You desire to be with them and even if you hadn’t realized it until now.

If you think of someone all the time, that person is probably thinking about you as well.

  • You Accidently See Them

Do you ever wonder if coincidences are real? If you keep bumping into someone and you don’t know why, this is a sign that they are manifesting you. This is energy that is attracted to you.

This can happen even if you ignore it, and you should open yourself up to the manifestation of this. This can happen in pleas you never expected to see them.

  • Dreaming

Some people will dream about the person that is manifesting them. The dreams will raise your vibrations and you will see that the dreams show who the person is and why they are manifesting you. You might even dream about meeting someone you have never met.

You might not know what the dream means right away but you will soon figure it out as time goes by.

  • Visions

You could be someone that has vivid visions, and you might imagine or see them doing something like taking you out or cooking you dinner. These visions can be seeing their face or seeing what they look like. If you see a vision, find out who this person is and if they have a message for you. They might love you or want to be your friend.

  • You Need to Find Them

If you feel that you need to find this person, then you might need to have their energy close to yours. When you desire to be close to someone it doesn’t mean that you are crazy, it means that you are able to pick up on energy and someone is sending you out a sign.

  • You Are Interested in Them

Maybe you have known this person for a long time but out of nowhere you become interested in them. You might feel that you need to see them, and you need to be with them. This is a connection but always be careful in the situation because one of you might not be single.

  • Coincidences

Do you ever have strange things happen to you that keep leading you tot this person? If that happens over and over again then this can mean that you are drawn to them, and they are manifesting you.

This can be a sign that you are desired and that someone wants to meet you. Know that their energy is strong, and the universe will guide them to you if your souls are meant to be together.

  • Opportunities

You might have business or work opportunities that lead you back to this person. This can also be sports that you play or things that your families are involved in. This can be a common ground that you two are able to reach and connect to each other.

Think of the people that you will meet when you go and do these things. If someone is manifesting you, you will be there for them.

Signs and Symbols

Signs and symbols are everywhere and if someone is manifesting you then these things will be around you all over. You might hear a song that reminds you of someone, see angel numbers or you might find coins or feathers around.

  • Hearing People Talking

Maybe you are out and about, and you keep hearing people talking about someone you can’t stop thinking about. This can be a sign that they are manifesting you. The universe will get your attention no matter how it has to happen and if this means that the same name keeps coming up, then so be it.

If you want to have love with this person, you will see signs of love and romance all around when their name is mentioned, and you will see that the universe is giving you messages.

  • Perfect Timing

The timing won’t be off when the universe wants you to meet the perfect person for you. When someone manifests you at the right time, then it will mean that you are both ready for each other. This can mean you are both single and that you are attracted to each other’s energies.

  • Other Relationships End

You might be in a relationship that ends for no reason before you meet this person. This can be the universe setting you up to meet the right person for you. Relationships come and go and if this happens to you, don’t see it as a failure but see it as a new energy coming into your life.

  • Big Changes

Sometimes big changes or decisions come to your life when you least expect it. This can be a change in your job, a health problem or something else that you are going through. You might even decide that you need personal growth.

When you have a relationship that ends, this is a new thing, and it sets you up to meet the right person at the right time.

  • Tarot Cards

If you get a tarot card reading and it shows you that you are about to meet someone new, don’t blow this off. Chances are that the cards are predicting something that is going to happen to you in the near future. This can mean someone is manifesting you and they are there to help you to reach your higher self.

  • Angel Numbers

Angel numbers are numbers that repeat like 111, 222 and so on. If you keep seeing these numbers all over the place, they have a special message for you. This can mean that it is time to start a new relationship.

Be aware that the numbers are there and see if you can figure out what the numbers mean for your life. If the numbers are 2’s, 4’s or 6’s they can mean romance. Angel numbers are a big sign that someone is manifesting you.

  • Psychic Connection

Your psychic will help you to determine if someone is connecting with you and manifesting you. If your psychic says that they see this and you have these signs, chances are this is really happening. Let the psychic give you a reading and do a tarot card to pick up on your vibrations.

  • Spiritual Enlightenment

You might meet this person when you are going through your spiritual enlightenment. This is often when you will find other souls that are going through the same thing, and this is a time to connect with them.

This person will have a stronger vibration, and so will you and you will not be able to deny that they are there for you.

  • Meeting Feels Unreal

When you meet this person, it feels like you are in the movies. It might feel like you are in a time warp or that you are in a place that you can’t believe is happening. This is an experience that can bring you excitement and shock for the future.

This is a great feeling when you meet someone at the right time, and they are the right person for you.

  • The Universe Confirms It

The universe will give you signs that you are meant to be with someone. If you are getting these signs and you know that this is from the universe, embrace it and don’t push it away. Trust the signs and know that the universe is on your side.

Final Thoughts

If someone wants to manifest you and to have your energy, and if you want to share your energy and have theirs, chances are that this is a match that is made to be. You need to know if the timing is perfect and if you have a strong connection with this person.

When you are thinking of them and you want to find someone new, now is the time to meet this special person. Don’t be surprised when this happens because it will be based on your energies. Let this manifest inside of you and bring you joy and peace.

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