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Nobody wants to be with someone that cannot tell the truth.  If your partner lies, even about small things, it can cause you to have a bad relationship.  Lying causes, you not to be able to trust someone and if you or your partner cannot be honest with each other, your relationship may not last.

Relationships take hard work and the most important part about most relationships is honesty.  People need to be honest and they need to not lie or leave the truth out when their partner is asking things.  Changing information or avoiding something is like lying and if your partner cannot be open and honest with you, it will be hard to trust them.

When you lie to cover up something, such as an affair, this will be a real deal breaker.  But even small lies can cause there to be little or no trust and can cause the intimacy of your relationship to be over.

If you are hoping to be in a relationship that lasts, you need to be honest in all things.  Even telling white lies can be dangerous but being honest can cause relationships to be stronger.

Other People

Your partner might not be cheating but if they are interacting with the opposite sex or an ex, this means that they are probably doing something that you wouldn’t agree with.  Even if they aren’t doing anything wrong but they are hiding it, this is like telling a lie.  If you talk to other people, tell your partner so you aren’t hiding anything.


Always be honest about finances and about money.  When you lie about money or credit cards, it can cause issues in a relationship or a marriage.  Money is a big problem in some relationship and if your partner lies about money they have spent, it will cause problems in the relationship.

The Past

When you are dating someone, it doesn’t mean that you have to know everything about them right away.  Once you are in a committed relationship, you and your partner need to share things from your past, especially big things.  By not doing this, it will cause your partner to think there are other things that are being hidden.

The Ex

A partner that lies about being over an ex-girlfriend or boyfriend will cause problems in the present relationship.  When an ex comes into the situation, your partner is always going to be worried about a cheating partner.  When they keep their feelings hidden, it causes the relationship to not feel real and to feel that dishonesty has come in.  If something is bothering you, work it out so you can both move on.


When there are topics in your relationship that seem off limits, this needs to change.  There should be open communication when you are in a relationship.  If you have certain fetishes or like different types of sexual connections, be open about this.  These things can bring more life to your relationship, as long as you are being honest about it.  Don’t lie about sex because otherwise you might not get your needs met.


Each relationship is different and needs different boundaries to make the relationship work.  If you feel that you are not getting information that you need from your partner or if you feel the boundaries are too hard, this can cause resentment in the relationship and make your partner not feel safe with you.

What Do They Want?

When your partner has a desire, they need to talk about it.  If you want to be with someone that you love, you need to know what they want out of life and where they hope to go.  It is important to be open and truthful about what they want out of life including marriage, having kids and career ideas.


Make sure that you have open communication with your partner and in your relationship.  If you have a hard time being honest and open in your relationship, chances are you might need to reevaluate who you are with.

It is hard to build a good relationship based on lies and distrust but if you want to make your relationship work then you must learn to be honest.  When you or your partner lies to each other, you do not respect each other and this can be a big sign that you are not the right people for each other.

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