Stop Fighting Someone that Doesn’t Love You

Stop Fighting Someone that Doesn’t Love You

When someone doesn’t love you, move on and stop allowing yourself to be hurt over their actions.  Let your emotions go and learn to respect yourself.  We know that this is hard and that our brain makes us think that we are in love with certain people.  The brain is a weird thing and it wants to hold on to emotions and memories because they leave a big mark on who we are.

When you love someone and they don’t love you back, it is like trying to light a candle and not having a match.  We don’t know why people choose not to love us and we want to love them anyways.  We continue to do things that pours our heart out to them and yet they never resort back to love.

Love isn’t something that we can control.  You cannot make someone love you.  You can hope for love but if someone is going in a different direction than you, you have to learn to let them go.

You need to learn to turn the page and find someone that is going to love you and think of you the same way.  If you have a good day and you feel like you are getting over this situation, chances are you will pass someone that has the same shirt or the same cologne on.  This will cause you to be upset emotionally and will bring back memories of the person that you loved.

Some believe that this happens and is called cerebral conflict because the brain knows that you are rejected but it continues to relate things like cologne, clothing, hair color and other memories with that person that you loved.  This can happen when you and your ex-partner have been intimate or even if you haven’t.

These parts in your brain control your memories and each time you have spent a certain amount of time with someone, it can trigger  memory of them and can cause your neurotransmitters in your brain to activate and it makes you addicted to this person.

Need to Heal

You have to learn to heal and even though this is not voluntary, you can control this cycle by learning to forgive and move on.  These associated memories are less activated when you let the negative feelings go and you learn to become happy.

The time that you are away from this person will allow you to move forward in life and will help you to stay calm and not always think about the other person that has hurt you.

Emotional Rejection

You can let emotional rejection go.  You have not lost anything, and you can break these bonds that you have with people that do not love you.


Love is not a sacrifice; it is a gift.  If you have to change something ot make someone love you, chances are they don’t and never will.  Stop sacrificing yourself to try to make people love you.  Keep your self-esteem and love who you are.


If you are invisible to someone, it is their loss and they are hurting you and causing you pain.  You cannot allow your emotions to continuously be hurt from someone and you have to find solitude in letting them go.

Loss of Hope

In some relationships, there is an ending.  When this happens, you have to understand that the relationship is over, and you have to keep your chin up.  Do not lose hope.


Loving someone that doesn’t love you back can be hard.  It can be painful and cause you to be upset and sad.  The worse thing about this is that it is not worth losing your hope and your heart over these situations.  Learn to have hope, to be strong and to keep your wisdom about you.  Remember that you will find someone that is worthy of your love, just keep looking until you find the perfect person for you.

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