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Ways happy partners deal with conflicts differently

Ways happy partners deal with conflicts differently

Relationships are not destroyed based on different opinions, but how a couple deals with them is what matters.

  1. They are both responsible for their actions. If you deny any wrongdoing in a relationship it means you are blaming your partner. This just makes everything worse because there will be a breakdown in communication. Therefore, you need to be responsible for anything you do; both good and bad. Communicate and work with your soul mate. Blaming them won’t help, you either own up for them or the problem will just escalate.
  2. They both deal with conflicts positively. Its frequently easy to run away from disagreements if you hate confrontations, but know this is not all about you but it’s all about what you both need to make your relationship stronger. Therefore, these needs should be at the forefront. Running from disagreements will only make matters worse, both of you should be committed to solving the problem.
  3. Instead of attacking each other, they attack their disagreements. Both disagreements and arguments are fine. They are normal. But if instead of solving the problem you start attacking each other then there’s trouble. Even if everything’s not okay just remember that person is still your partner. Be there for each other even if you can’t face each other. Solve the problem together and don’t stress each other.
  4. They intentionally communicate. Share your feelings and emotions with your partner. They can’t know what you are thinking unless you tell them. The more you keep quiet, the less you solve the problem. Let it all out, don’t make it hard for them to know what’s happening. A lot of problems usually start with broken communication. Also, listen to understand not just to reply. Do not judge them, give them a listening ear. Respect them, try putting yourself in their shoes even if you don’t understand what they are trying to say.
  5. They give each other space. At times you partner might be going through something. Gove them space to deal with the problem and don’t think you are the problem. Do not take things quite personal, all of us usually have mood swings at times. Let their emotions settle, they will definitely be okay and talk to you.
  6. They are both willing to make sacrifices for each other. Good relationships are all about love and care. Being able to sacrifice for each other. You appreciate and acknowledge regardless of everything they do. It’s all about knowing that you won’t be happy every day, there are days you’ll feel bad or your partner will but you still appreciate each other and know that everything is worth it.

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