Steps to Make Him Love You

If you want someone to fall in love with you, here are some steps to go that direction:

Eye Contact

When you like someone, you should look deeply into their eyes. This can help them to fall in love with you because when people look at each other, their brain comes up with the idea of love. When you stare into the eyes of your crush, they can get feelings of love just by looking back at you.


Look at the person that you are crushing on and see what you are similar at. Maybe you both like the same things or maybe you share the same cultural background. Maybe you sit the same or you make the same jokes or the same faces.

Research has found that people that are similar to them bring about more expression and emotion and that people look for others that are compatible with themselves.

Going Too Far

Have an honest personality when you talk to someone. Tell them what you really like and do not make up stuff. Do not tell your crush that you like things that you do not, just tell them that you have never done it before.

Go out and try new things that your crush likes and see if you enjoy the same thing as they do.

Hang Out

Spend time with the person that you like, and chances are they will be being to like you back. The more time that you spend with someone, the more you want to spend time with them. It is almost as if they grow on you.


After you have hung around your crush for a while, take some time and do not let them see you for a bit. When you are excited to see someone, chances are if they are not there, it makes you long for them more.

If you like someone, spend some time hanging out with other people like your family and your friends for a while and let their desire to see you grow.


Everyone wants to feel like they are needed. Ask your crush to help you move furniture or to work on your car. They will feel good about who they are, and you will get to spend more time with them.

Be Confident

People want to feel needed, but they also want to be with someone that is confident and strong. When a woman makes a man feel needed, he will feel that he is valuable but when she is confident in what she wants, it makes him feel like putting an effort into getting to know her.


One of the best things you can do to make people around you happy is to laugh. Laughing can make you feel good and it can attract others to you. Leave the person you like feeling happy at the end of the date and he will associate that good feeling with you.


Being a good friend is something that everyone needs. Even if you like someone, start out by being their friend. When you are friends with someone, you make them feel safe and secure. Listen to them, help them, and let your relationship with them be valuable.

Feed Them

One way to win a man over is to feed him. Take care of his needs and bring him lunch or invite him out to eat. You can even prepare a meal for you two to sit down together and eat. Guys appreciate being full and they like it when a woman feeds them, it might even make them feel loved and taken care of.


Love is something that goes both ways. If they do not love you, you should not fall in love with them. Sometimes people want to fall in love because they want to be in a relationship, or they want to feel needed. If you cannot love yourself, you cannot find someone else to love you.

Learn to value who you are and make others value you as well. Do not give yourself to someone that is not willing to show you love and to treat you like you deserve.

Love You

The last step of being with someone is to really love who you are. Think of yourself as a prize and when you find the right person, you will be their number one prize.

Learn to feel good about yourself and what you have to offer. Do not let others put you down or make you feel that you are not good enough. Learn to figure out who you are and when you know yourself, know what kind of good qualities you have.

Learn to love yourself and then you will show off the best parts about you. Make yourself shine by first loving yourself and loving others second.

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