Reasons why it is fine for your partner to be friends with their ex and why it is not okay

Reasons why it is fine for your partner to be friends with their ex and why it is not okay


  1. They have mutual friends

Your partner and their ex might decide to remain, friends, if they share mutual friends mostly if they keep meeting each other quite often. And if both of you are okay with it, then your relationship can be quite healthy.

  1. They began as friends

In any case, your partner and their ex were friends first before they began dating they might want to go back to being friends. And that’s okay.

  1. They work together

In any case, your partner works their ex, they will definitely have to be on the right terms at work. And that’s okay. Maybe they enjoy each other’s company or they see each other every day so they have no option.

  1. They moved on

Its fine for your partner to be friends with their ex if they broke up many years ago and have now gotten over each other. Immediately that happened, they may decide to move on and be friends again.

  1. They have children together

Relationships, where kids are involved, are not easy but you just have to hope they both be there for the sake of their kids. Being friends is an indication that your partner puts the best interests of the kids first. It is a sign that he is responsible for.

  1. They have set boundaries

Your partner being friends with their ex is okay as long as there are boundaries set. With boundaries, it will be obvious the ex is just a friend, nothing more. They won’t expect your partner to do everything for them.

  1. They are working together on a good project

It’s okay for your ex to be friends with your partner if they are working on a serious thing as a project or anything work-related. Let’s say they own a real estate together; they will have to ensure it everything works for their own good.


  1. Their ex keeps holding unto them

If any ex is finding a hard time letting go of your partner, they might propose to remain friends’ hopeful of getting back together. And that’s not healthy for anybody.

  1. They exclude you

Well, it’s okay for your partner to meet their friends quite often including friends who are exes. But if you feel like something is going on behind your back then their friendship is not healthy

  1. If they still have feelings for each other

It is not healthy for your partner to remain friends with their ex if they still have strong feelings for each other even if you don’t suspect anything. Especially if their breakup was just recent.

  1. The ex wants to get back together

Friendship is not a good idea if you feel like the ex wants to get back together with your partner even if your partner shows no interest at all.

  1. Their relationship wasn’t healthy

Being friends with an ex who was abusive is not healthy for both you and your partner. Although it will be up to your partner to decide what’s best for them.

  1. The ex is jealous of you

If the ex is jealous of your current relationship you might wonder, why your partner wants to be friends with them.

  1. Your partner runs to them when something is wrong

Although friends reach out to each other when they are not okay, pay attention if your partner keeps running to the ex when they are mad at you. That is not a healthy friendship.

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