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Psychic Advice on New Beginnings

Psychic Advice on New Beginnings

Every one of us has a new beginning at some time or other, whether it’s a new job, a new love relationship, or maybe a new home in a different city. Life is full of stops and starts that can be surprising, and sometimes not in a good way. If you have questions about new beginnings and feel like you need some sage advice, check out these answers from Psychic Dawn.

Q: How do people know it’s time for a new beginning?

Psychic Dawn: In my own personal experience, needing a new beginning is rooted in feelings. There’s something within us that wants a change, and that feels like a physical tugging in the abdomen. But to have a new beginning, you need to learn how to let go of the past. Essentially, you’re stuck in a rut, so you have to release the things that have been keeping you mired there. It could be a relationship, a job, or even a specific place, like a city. If you have that nagging feeling in your gut, chances are that you need a new beginning.

Q: When is the best time for a new beginning?

Psychic Dawn: As soon as you’re ready! But you need to be flexible and practical. New beginnings require work, so it’s important for you to be mentally ready. Start by clearing up everything that’s been holding you back. This includes your past. Start out small, so you don’t get so overwhelmed that you want to give up. One small step will lead to another.

Q: Can it be too late for me to have a new beginning?

Psychic Dawn: No, it can never be too late for a new beginning. I have clients of all ages ask me this question all the time. I tell them that anytime they’re feeling unhappy, no matter their age, they can have a new beginning. The alternative is to stay unhappy. That’s a very unhealthy way to exist, no matter how much more time you have left in this existence.

Life is all about change. Everything changes. The seasons change, and our bodies change, too. So things that made you happy when you were in your 30s aren’t necessarily guaranteed to make you happy when you’re in your 50s. And that’s just fine! You have to find the courage to change and seek your new beginning. Identify the things that are making you unhappy. Then focus on the elements that you can change, not on the things you have no control over. Because this is your journey!

Q: What are the advantages of new beginnings?

Psychic Dawn: It’s difficult to find the positives in a life filled with upheaval and change, but new beginnings are actually a blessing. Turn your perceptions around and find the positives. Are you facing a new beginning because somebody broke up with you? Try to view the new beginning as the opportunity to find your true soulmate. Do you need a new job because you were fired or laid off? Well, look at the new beginning as a chance to pursue a project you’re passionate about, or to reinvent yourself in a different field. Keep your positive energy flowing. It’s time to move past the negatives to achieve the happiness you deserve.

Q: What are your favorite rituals for new beginnings?

Psychic Dawn: I think that manifesting is an incredible ritual. You could also create and display a vision board. And you could just simply focus your thoughts on where it is that you want to be. That always helps me. You need to be succinct about what you want, and just start working towards it with baby steps. Have trust in the procedure, and acknowledge your results. Always remember to keep your energy vibrations high, and steer clear of anything that appears negative and resistant.

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