Knowing if They Really Love You

Knowing if They Really Love You

People often ask what love really is and it is something that is hard to explain. Love means that you feel that you cannot live without that person or that you cannot live without that thing.

Love reminds us that we can find happiness and that we can be at peace. Love is something that we have to choose, and we must learn to choose to love wisely or we will find that we are making a big mistake. Love is not supposed to bring you happiness but to enhance your happiness. Real love and commitment will help your life to be better than it already was.

Most people see love as a commitment, but a commitment is not what love is. There are other things that you need in order to have true love.

Living Without Them

We have all read people say that they cannot live without their partner. They depend on their relationship and they call this love. If someone is there that makes your life better, that is one thing but if you cannot live your life without a partner, you have the wrong idea of love.

Love is not fueled by making someone happy or making life good, life should be good and then love should make it better and make life fun.

If you cannot survive without your partner, then you are saying that you are not able to make your own needs met. You have to learn to meet your own needs before you start dating someone.

You cannot teach someone to meet your needs and you need to learn to care about who you are and then you can find a good partner. Learn to live with who you are and when you meet someone, let life be enhanced by their love.

Love Changing

Most people hate change and once you have been in a situation for a while you become stable. You want to keep life that way and you do not want to lose things. When you are with someone, you might tell them that your love will never change but that is not true.

Things are always changing and so will love. You might lose or gain weight, or you might find new interests. You are always changing and when you love someone, you need to allow that to change and to grow.

Love has to learn to adapt to changes and it has to learn to be there no matter what happens. When you are with someone, you find new things constantly to love about that person and the more your love changes, the stronger the relationship is.

Everything I Need

You are not going to be with someone that can give you everything that you need. You need to be with someone so that they can give you other things that you want and need but you need to be able to meet your own needs first.

You should be looking at new things, exploring new ideas and reaching out to the world around you. You have to work with your partner to fulfill both of your needs and when you do that, you can see your relationship developing.

Sometimes people will find new hobbies, and this is important for your partner to expect and to understand. You will change what you like and so will your partner and even though things change, it doesn’t mean that your partner stops loving you.

Sacrificing your needs does not make the relationship stronger but learn to be understanding and have mutual support is what will make the relationship grow.

Holding Close

There is a line between loving someone and wanting to marry someone. If you love someone then you will never threaten to kill them or kills yourself if they leave you. You cannot be so attached to someone that if they leave you that you want to die.

You can tell love by knowing that someone is there for you without controlling you or being possessive over you. You have to learn to be with someone that makes you feel good and not someone that makes you feel like a victim or scares you.

Be with someone that tells you the truth and takes responsibility for their choices. Be with someone that you can talk to that you can communicate with and share your real feelings. Do not be with someone that wants to manipulate you.

Being One

Maybe you want to be with someone that you feel stronger and more connected with but if you are not in a healthy relationship then you are not in a good relationship at all.

You have to learn to want to be with someone and want to see their needs met. You should deny the idea of resenting your partner and if this happens, you need to step back and let time come between you for a while. You need to make sure that you love the person that you are with not for who they are or what they do but just because you generally love them.

You are not one with someone and you have to be two people that come together with differences and work through the differences to make one relationship. You will be able to get to the point where you can agree to disagree, and this should never be a dominating relationship.


You will know if you are in a healthy relationship by the way that your partner treats you. Do they bring out the best in you or the worst? Do you feel that you are good enough or that you are unworthy?  Be with someone that makes you feel good about who you are and someone that wants to build a relationship with you that can withstand anything in life. Make this a lasting and happy relationship.

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