Career women’s dating struggles

Career women’s dating struggles

Happiness makes life happier. When you are truly happy with yourself you don’t worry about others and what they think of you. The one thing that you don’t have is a boyfriend. This may be a side effect of being  a strong, confident woman; your success may make you unapproachable.

Here are a few things that may contribute to your solitude:

You are straight and to the point

You make the first move and cut to the chase. Leave some mystery, you both know what is likely to happen if you ask him back to your place for a night cap.

You set your own dress code

You like to be comfortable in your leisure time. If you spend most of you day dressing for success, the last thing you want to do is cram yourself into a hot date dress.

It might not be worth the effort

Relationships are difficult and require work, especially if you have a put in a lot of time at your job.  You can’t be responsible for remembering the bits and and pieces like regular phone calls.

You don’t fake it

If your date fancies himself a “funny guy” and he’s just not funny, you’re not going to laugh just to make him happy. You won’t just go somewhere to make him happy. You don’t want to pretend.

You don’t want to go out all of the time

Once you have already gotten into your relaxed state with pajamas and popcorn and a movie, you don’t want to get dressed and go back out to that spur of the moment party. If you don’t go out, you won’t meet anyone.

because you don’t “put yourself out there.” You’d rather have a nice night at home than a stressful night out.

You don’t put up with anything

If your date is offensive, you will tell him. You will be upfront about everything. If they don’t like what you say, too bad!

You have misplaced confidence

Your no-nonsense attitude sometimes comes with a filter remover. This means you will say whatever whenever. That can be scary.

You don’t take direction

If you are meeting people who important to your date, they may want to prepare you.  If  he is trying to instruct you, you are going to fight back. l.

You aren’t empathetic

Your strong will and self-confidence makes you immune to other people’s problems. If your date is self-conscious about anything, you just can’t understand why he doesn’t just stop caring about what other people think.

You’re not sure you need anybody else

You love your life right now, so why would you try and change it? If it aint broke, don’t fix it!

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