10 Essential Aspects of True Love

10 Essential Aspects of True Love

True love is powerful, but incredibly complex. If you want to learn more about maintaining true love, the read the following ten tips we have compiled.

  1. True love doesn’t involve finding ourselves externally

Never fall in love because you think you will find self-fulfillment in another person.  You can only be your true self when you can be your authentic self.  This mean you have your own interests, favorites, dislikes and passions.  Never alter yourself to fit the whims of another.

  1. Self-love is essential

Before you can love someone else, you must first love yourself!  Be your own best friend even on your worse day.  Know the essence of yourself and your personal goals in life.  When you love and respect yourself then you can be an effective partner to your lover.

  1. True love is selfless

Partners should never ask you to change for them.  Love people for who they are and not who you want them to be.

  1. True love treasures for authentic sense of self

True love means that you feel uncomfortable with them on your worse day.  This means being comfortable without make-up, when you are sick, or when you are dealing with hardships.  Letting yourselves be vulnerable with each other builds both sincere love and trust.

  1. It feels natural

True love means you don’t have doubts about your partner and how essential they are to your life.  True love means not having any questions, feeling at full ease with each other, and have no doubt your love will last!

  1. Give love without expectation

True love means not holding back your thoughts or feelings.  You can’t leverage your love for a personal gain.  You must love each through good times and bad regardless of words or action.  If you give unconditional level then you will naturally receive love like this and more from your partner.

  1. Be friends above all else

You won’t always have a Hollywood fated friendship, but it’s essential that you are treasured friends in some way.  This means being able to talk freely, share joys, and delight in each other’s company.  Remember looks fade, but personality is forever.

  1. True love lasts

True love transcends the little annoyances in life or minor disagreements.  Instead together you feel and know that you will conquer any problems and come out stronger as individuals and as a couple.

  1. True love is commitment

Sure, you might notice another attractive person walking by, but you will never wonder if someone else is a better match for you.  You both know that each other is the person you want to spend this lifetime with.

  1. You are your greatest love

Always remember to love yourself and practice self-care.  When you love yourself, can be the most loving support to your partner as possible.

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