When You Feel Empty

When you feel empty, you are not alone. Some people feel empty for different reasons such as losing a loved one or having a bad relationship. Being empty can come when someone you love has moved away or from feeling abandoned. You might even find that you are abandoning your own desires and your own hopes. You will see that when you are wanting to be perfect so that others can accept you that it makes you feel that you are alone even more.

Abandoning yourself can cause you to feel depressed or stressed out or even shameful. Some people will feel alone and will be numb and they are unhappy with their relationships and have a hard time making relationships work. People that feel empty sometimes feel sad and depressed and they do not seem to care about much.

When you begin to feel empty, it is important that you talk to someone and find a way to handle your emptiness that is healthy and right.

Acknowledge Your Feelings

If you feel empty, you need to learn to love yourself. You need to realize that everyone has feelings and you need to not try to dismiss them or change how you feel.

If you feel alone because a loved one has died, do not get angry at yourself for grieving and take time to deal with the changes and to learn to cope with that missing person.

If the hole is in your heart from growing up, learn to find love and learn to figure out what you have missed. Take time to accept who you are and to learn to change your worth.

Spend You Time

You need to take time to spend with yourself. Do not fill your life with things such as drugs or alcohol or television but find things that you can do that are fulfilling. Take a class or meet new people. Explore things that you have hidden such as desires or fears and learn to work towards a happy future.

Focus on activities and learn to focus on your desires and your feelings.

Explore Feelings

Learn to understand your feelings and not to just dismiss them. You have to learn to express how you are feeling and learn what your body and mind is trying to tell you. Learn to tolerate how you feel and learn to accept your feelings for times to come.


You can look at these questions and see if these are reasons you feel lonely. Ask yourself these things:

  • Am I comparing who I am to others?
  • Why am I judging myself?
  • Am I positive or negative?
  • Do I have failures and call myself bad names?
  • Do I not consider my feelings?
  • Do I find active things to keep my body healthy?
  • Do I avoid my feelings?
  • What do I want to prove to others?
  • Why do I feel that I am guilty and out of control?
  • Am I being compassionate with myself?
  • Am I making good decisions?

Give Yourself Applause

When you use your feelings to protect yourself, you do not give yourself credit for doing small things. Learn to give yourself an applause for doing things for others and for doing things right.

Being empty can be a problem and you need to find hope. You need to learn to make positive changes and learn to acknowledge that sometimes emptiness will come. If you feel that you have no purpose, then you will not be able to find your life to be meaningful. Learn to have a purpose and learn to find happiness in your life.

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