Signs Someone is Flirting with You

Signs Someone is Flirting with You

You can sometimes take someone’s friendliness as flirting, especially if you are already attracted to them.  It can be very embarrassing for you to hit on someone who is just trying to be nice.  Some experts find that it is hard to figure out if someone is being flirty or just friendly.  Here are some things you can look for.

Sometimes, a person is naturally flirty and they use flirting to decide if someone is worthy of being their partner.  You are putting yourself out there to see if you are talking to someone that can be the right person for you.  You can test their responses to make sure you aren’t mistaking their friendliness for something else.

The truth is, some people are just very friendly.  They might say hi or smile or just be very friendly when they meet you.  They might not think anything of their actions because they are just friendly.  You can never really know what their intentions are unless you are a mind reader.

The good news though, there are some differences between flirting and being nice and here are 7 signs that you need to check out so you can make that decision:


One of the first signs to look for is if they repeat that they are single.  Sometimes, people are just letting you know this so they can let you know that they are open for a relationship.  Some people will drop hints while others will just come right out and say it.  If they tell you they are single, they are probably interested in you.

Thoughtful Questions

When someone is being nice, they usually have small talk.  When someone is flirting, they will try hard to get to know you better.  They will ask you about your hobbies and things you like and find out your point of view.  Pay attention to see if someone hangs on your every word.

Changing Behavior

If you think someone is flirting with you, then see how they are interacting with others.  If they give you special treatment or smile more around you then there is a chance they are flirting.

People always will flirt differently; some people are more polite and others are more flirty.


People sometimes will express how interested they are in you and they will ask a lot of questions. If someone is asking about your interests and laughing at your jokes like you are the funniest person in the world, chances are, they are flirting.

Asking for Help

Sometimes a person will make you feel very needed.  According to some experts, when someone is always choosing you even for small tasks, then they are flirting.  Sometimes, they might be building up to asking you on a date.

Go Out of the Way

When we cross paths with people, they will most of the time say hi, but if you notice that you cross someone’s path and they are always talking to you and trying to ask you questions, they are probably flirting.  Most people won’t purposefully go out of their way to give someone small talk and so if this happens, they are probably interested in you.

Body Language

You can tell if a person is flirting or being nice based on their body language.  If someone is interested in you, they will most likely lean in close and mirror your actions.  This happens naturally when people are trying to connect.

If you really want to know, look at their feet.  If their feet are angled towards you, they are showing they are attracted to you.

People aren’t always easy to understand or figure out but if you pay attention to little things then you can figure out if someone is being friendly or flirting.

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