Reasons Why Good Men Get Rejected By Women

Reasons Why Good Men Get Rejected By Women

Why do women reject good men? Do all women want a bad boy? Most of the time, women reject men for different reasons but not because they want to date a bad guy. Here are some reasons women reject men:


One of the biggest mistakes that guys make is to try to get a women to like them before she is ready. He first needs to make her attracted to him sexually before she will actually fall for him.

When a woman is going through something hard, the guy should try to step in and listen and be a good friend. She will appreciate these actions.

Instead of always being confident, the guy should let his guard down and help her with things that she needs such as building her up.

If you want to have a sexual relationship with this woman, you have to make her feel attracted to you. This can be harder than just being nice and kind. A guy needs to really make her feel attracted to her by being confident, letting out sexual vibes, touching her, talking to her and being open with her.

If a guy has a crush on a girl, he should talk about how pretty she looks, about her hair and smile and look in her eyes. Tell her how sexy she is and make comments about how he cannot take his eyes off of her.

Give small compliments that makes her feel sexy and attractive and it will create a sexual vibe between the woman and the guy. Do not just be friendly. Being sexy is a natural thing and it is important that guys are not afraid to show this interest.

Women are often attracted to strong guys and so a guy that shows nervous features or acts ashamed of wanting to be with a woman will make a woman not interested. Women love guys that are sexy and confident.

Women like to be told they are sexy because women are often insecure about how they look. When a guy reminds them that they are beautiful, it builds their self-esteem and makes them appreciate the guy talking to them.

Committing to a Relationship

Women are not always ready to commit to a relationship before having sex. In the older days, it was wrong to have sex with someone before being married but now things are different.

Women want to know if they are going to be compatible with a man in bed. Women are even about one night stands sometimes and so sex does happen.

Most women are either open to having sex on the first date or the second date. This is how they will decide if they really like the guy or not.

Some guys think it is wrong because of culture but there are many changes and evolutions in how people look at life.

Some nice guys end up single because they do not try to get their women in bed right away. Ask your lady if you can take her out on a date and if the sexual temptation is strong from both parties, go for it.

Most women will deny the idea of having sex on a first date but the same women have proven over and over again that they do not want to commit to a guy that does not make them attracted and make them feel sexy.

Since the divorce rate is so high, women have to be careful who they choose to marry, and dating involves having sex. If you are with someone and you are getting the hint that they want to have sex and not rush into a serious relationship, it could be because she is trying to see what you are all about before making a real commitment.

Having sex on a first date is no longer considered taboo. The way people look at dating ahs changed over the years and if your woman is up to having sex on a first date, this can be an option for you.

Being Nice

Women like a guy that is nice but being too nice can be a turn off. It is not a problem when guys are nice because women like to be approached and like to be treated like princesses but when a guy is too nice, sometimes the woman feels like they are siblings instead of dating.

Being really nice means that a guy is sweet and considers the feeling of the lady she is dating but make sure that you are being nice for the right reason and not just to get your woman in bed.

When a woman talks to you and interacts with you, she wants to see how many you are. Take action and make her feel important and attractive.

When you are confident and manly, you will attract women that want to know you and want to spend time with you.

Many guys have feminine qualities, and this helps them to connect with women, but a lot of women will not be with a guy that seems too feminine. Women like guys that can talk to them and be fun to be around, but they also want a guy that is masculine and sexy.

Some women have seen feminist talk badly about confident men and this can cause a man to be fearful of being a strong guy. He doesn’t know if he is being too masculine or if he is reacting the right way.

Be confident but not overbearing and a woman will show you if she likes to be around you. If a girl feels confident and girly, this can show you that she feels alive and sexy around you.

When you begin to attract women with your confidence and masculinity, you will see that you are attracting many women and that they are sexually attracted to you. Women like guys that aren’t afraid to express their sexual interest in her and this is a bonus in the relationship.

Being a Friend

Of course, being a friend is important, but this is one relationship faux pas that men sometimes make. When you are trustworthy, that is important, but you want a woman to see you more than just a friend. When you are a good guy and you don’t want or expect sex, but you are hoping that she will be your one, make sure that you are paying attention to what you are doing.

Having conservative parents might have taught you that you need to have good manners but when you are nervous and you are not making a move, chances are your lady friend will think that you just want to be a friend.

If you are nervous around her and you enjoy talking to her but you do not make her feel that you like her in a sexual way, she will be less confident in who she is and she will choose just hanging out with you over dating.

A woman wants a man that will show her confidence and will kiss her and want to have sex with her. She doesn’t want to be with someone that will be friends for months before a first kiss or someone that is afraid to leave the friend zone.

A guy that stays in the friend zone will be mad when she hooks up with other guys, but this is likely to happen because he is choosing to only hang out and never make a real move.

Many women that aren’t looking for friends will want a lover or a husband more and the friend approach might backfire.

Women want a guy that will make her feel attracted to him and will kiss her and sometimes want to even date. It is important that you attract someone and kiss them and maybe even go towards sex.


Guys that work hard and that look nice can still feel that they are not good enough for a woman. He will figure she has sexual value and he will be able to get a chance to be with her.

He can talk to her and behave in a way that makes him feel that he is not good enough because she might not show interest in hooking up.

Some guys do not need to have a woman feel attracted to them. They see their value and they might hint around that they are well to do to try to impress her so that she will know he is valuable.

This strategy sometimes works but sometimes it doesn’t. When a woman doesn’t feel that a guy is good enough for her, he will often boast of his material things so she can see his values. She will realize that he is trying to impress her with superficial things.

A good guy needs to realize that he is valuable and not be a jerk or do things that are hurtful. He needs to be confident, but he needs to be caring and have good intentions. A good guy needs to realize who he is when he talks to women.

A lot of good guys will think that women are better than they are because they feel attracted to her and she doesn’t see value in him. Even if she is good looking it doesn’t mean she is better than him.

A good guy will need to realize that there are many women to choose from and real men that are confident can have a beautiful woman.

If you are confident and manly then a lady will be lucky to have you. You have value and you deserve to be with someone that loves you.

You have to realize your own value and if you base this strictly on looks then you will never see what is important. You have to find value in your actions and who you are, and you need to be confident in this. You have to see you are valuable because of the person that you are.

When you interact with women and you do not feel that you are valuable then it can cause a woman to downplay how important you are. Women need to see that you are confident and that you are full of good things.

A woman should feel lucky to be with you and when a guy is not showing value then chances are, she will not see the value either and this will cause her to reject you. Hooking up with a low-value person will not make sense to a woman and if you are a good guy but you are always placing women at a higher value than you are, chances are you will never feel good enough to have a beautiful woman.

Doing things to impress a woman such as working out or talking big will not give him the best woman he can get. He needs to make sure that he is treating women the right way and be more secure. Insecurity will cause you to attract insecurity. You will see guys that are better than you and women that you feel are better than you. You have to stop doubting who you are and see past your own nose.

You have to decide that value is based on who you are and how you act. Remember that when you talk to women and if you are confident and believe in yourself then you will be able to attract women. You do not have to play hard to get just believe in who you are.

A woman will test your confidence by playing hard to get. It takes time for a woman to know you and to learn to understand and figure out who you are. Always be confident.

Women know when a guy is confident and that will attract her to him. She will make him feel special. If you are choosing a woman, remember there are hundreds of women in the world.

If you doubt your value around her, she will lose interest in you and will not be attracted to you.  When you know more about women you will be able to feel lucky and to hook up with someone that you like.

You can feel attractive and feel that you are hot and that you deserve a lot in your life.

Sexual Tension

Some good guys will like a girl but will not show interest because they don’t’ want to lead her on. They will do things that cause her to lose interest and they will play with her feelings and put out any chances of being with her.

This is something women find unattractive and when a guy acts desperate or uninterested, it will cause her to lose interest. They will choose not to be with you. If there is sexual tension built up, this is a different story.

You need to create sexual tension between yourself and the woman you are attracted to. Knowing that you are attracted to each other does not mean that you have to have sex right away, let the tension build up.

Get to the point where you want to have sex and she wants to have sex with you. Do not let her lose interest by losing your sexual tension. Never be desperate.

Talk to a woman and flirt and laugh. When she shows excitement, be confident and smile but don’t move too quickly.

Be playful and then later, hook up with sex. You can even go to the point where you have sex with her wherever you are, and this can bring excitement and even more sexual tension.

Figure out what your woman enjoys and reward her with sex. You can create more sexual tension by having eye contact. You can build it up by kissing her and doing things that make her want you.

Add sexual vibes when you look at her, smile and look like you want nothing more than to eat her. Make her feel confident in her attraction and make yourself seem confident. Believe in yourself and enjoy yourself.

Be confident and let her know that you are attracted to her and her attraction to you will get stronger. The more confident you act in your attraction, the better you will attract women and the more you will be confident. There will be so much mutual sexual attraction that you will not be able to stay away from each other.

You will be open, and you will want to kiss and have sex. You will want to be close and you will feel like you are in your own bubble.

You may have seen men and women that had such strong sexual attraction that it was like they were the only ones in the room. You will see them flirt, touch and laugh.  When you want to talk to a woman and have sex, make sure that there is a lot of sexual tension, kissing and that you are out of the friend zone.


Women do not always want to wait forever for you to make a move. Women want to be kissed and loved on. If she is showing signals that she wants to hook up, pay attention.

A woman that is confident will play hard to get when she meets a guy she likes to see if he is confident and if he can handle her. When he is confident, it will go further but if he is not confident, she will think he is weak.

Women that are insecure will be shy when they like someone. They might stop acting interested because they are worried that they will be rejected. A man that doesn’t understand this will make him feel that she doesn’t like him and will doubt him.

Some women will make it obvious that they like you, but some will play hard to get by biting their lip, playing with their hair or being submissive. She might even ask you if you have a girlfriend or not.

Women show their interest in different ways so you cannot base their reaction on signals, and you have to learn to not lose confidence in yourself or it can make you feel insecure.

Some men go wrong with women because they wait too long to make a move. He might not want to seem that he is being too forward so he waits but if he waits too long then she will lose interest in the relationship.

Women will get tired if there is no action and she will stop wasting her time trying to be with you. She will think that there is just a friendship there and then she will not want to cross that friendship. Build up sexual tension and stop waiting for her to make the first move because more than likely she won’t.

No Confidence

Women like men that have confidence. They do not want to attract to someone that is nervous or weak or someone that is insecure.

Be confident and allow yourself to be cool and confident. Like yourself and do not doubt who you are.

We live on a planet that is hard and you need to be confident so that you can keep up the attraction. If you are weak, it will not work out well for you. Do not ask a woman if she is attracted to you, show confidence that she is.

If you show a lack of confidence, then you will not get far in your relationship.


There is nothing wrong with having manners, but a woman is not going to be attracted to you by you doing nice things for her. Most women will not reward you for being a gentleman.

You have to get someone interested in you by being confident and manly. You have to learn to interact with her and have a vibe that attracts her. It doesn’t matter if you are a good person or if you are nice if she is not attracted to you then it will never work out.

Display confidence and manliness and the women will feel attracted to you. You don’t have a to be bad, but you just need to be attractive.

Not Interested

Guys that are good guys will shut down their sexual feelings when they are trying to get a woman. They will talk to her because they are interested but if you are too nice then you will not create a sexual spark and there will be no attraction.

You have to pretend to be interested in sex and if you say you aren’t, they will just think you are being dishonest.

Good guys that act like they are not attracted to sex are probably watching porn or jerking off. Guys like women and women want guys to be sexual with them and not to pretend to not like sex. When a good guy acts like he is not attracted to sex then he is not being human.

This does not mean that you are to be sleazy, it just means you need to show some interest. You should not look at a woman as a sexual object, but you have to be honest enough to show your sexual interest in her. This makes her feel appreciated.

Most women worry that they are not sexy or pretty enough and they want a guy that is confident to tell her that she is sexy, and she is beautiful.

Good Guy and Successful Relationship

If you consider yourself to be a good guy, then you still need to remember your value and allow yourself to be confident. Do not doubt yourself and understand what is valuable about you. Learn to take action in your thinking and tell yourself that you are valuable.

Do not be a jerk or mean to women because this is one great quality. Let a lady see how confident you are no matter what and tell her when she makes you excited. Do not see women as higher value and see yourself as equal.

If a lady isn’t attracted to you, move on to someone that is. Never give up your beliefs or allow yourself to feel invaluable because of what a woman says to you. There are many women that you can find that are beautiful and you just might need to keep looking.

Be confident in who you are because this is a very powerful trait. This will help you in your job, your relationships and when you are going through hard things in your life. Allow yourself to be confident and embrace that part of yourself. You deserve to have confidence because you have so much value.

Stop doubting yourself and keep your confidence and you will attract beautiful women in your life. Since you are a good guy, this will be an added value to her. Keep your head up and keep going until you find the perfect person to be in a relationship with.

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